The Steady Rock is a fun original band based out of Los Angeles. Our music is an eclectic brand that mixes nostalgic sounds of the classic rock era with accessible elements of indie rock, ska and pop. We are set to release our first EP "Five Flippin' Ways", so far the reviews have been very positive and we are playing locally to support its upcoming release !  

What started as a garage band of buddies has turned into a serious band in pursuit of the love of music. We indulge our fans by creating music that transcends genre and really gives the listener lots of variety, instead of every song sounding alike. We write and perform music for all age groups !

Our sound is laden with contagious melodies and grooves that engage a crowd and are easy to relate to...

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Creating, producing, performing and selling original music as an independent artist takes a lot of resources. Please share your love of original indie music and if you feel generous, kindly send a little donation our way :)